Golsu Gac Sweet Sauce

Golsu Gac Sweet Sauce
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The product supports cancer prevention.

Gac-the fruit from heaven rich lycopene, Beta-Carotene, Lutein, VitaminA, Vitamin E

Ingredient: Gac paste, sugar

Storage: Store in cool place, once opened, consume immediately or store in refridgerator

Usage instruction:

Eat directly, paste on bread. Use as spice for cooking Vietnam sticky rice xoi Gac, sauce, marinating, stir-frying(meat, fish, seafood), making bakery, natural coloring. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian can use

Delicacy tells you - Fried Shrimp Gac

Put shrimps into a dish, ẹnjoy it with lettuce, tomato and chili sauce.

golsu gac sweet sauce


- 150gr of common tiger prawn

- 1 tablespoon diced Gac

- 1 tablespoon grinded garlic and onion.

- Seasoning, sugar, cooking oil.

- Lettuce, tomato, served with chili source.


- Clean the shrimps, split down the back, removing black only, drop into hot oil, fried golden, pick up shripms out and drain the oil.

- Heat a little oil in another pan, frygrinded garlic and onions

- Next, put Gac into the pan and fry in about 5 minutes.

- After that, add the shrimps, fry quickly, add seasoning salt, sugar to taste.