Golsu Gac Juice

Golsu Gac Juice
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Golsu Gac Juice

Gac fruit has been eaten in Vietnam for thousands of years for its nutritional and medicinal properties. Gac now becoming increasingly popular as a superfood in view of its high antioxidant and vitamin contents

Understand that our company Tri Long processing Golsu Gac juice from Gac fruit the best of the North Viet Nam with the content of lycopene, beta-carotene, the best help for the highest quality

Here are some of the benefits of Golsu Gac juice

- Contribute to the creation of blood cells, bones and teeth.

- Operates effectively the functions of the heart and nervous system, enhance the vision of the eyes.

- Helps the body turn food into energy.

- Keep a catalytic role in the biochemical reactions and energy variables to help complete cellular functions essential for human health.

- In addition, the vitamin also works to support the body uses minerals, protein, carbohydrates and water.

- The product supports cancer prevention.

Nutitrition facts(per 100g)



Total fat










Ingredient: Gac pulp, sugar, lemonade

Storage: Store in cool place, once opened, consume immediately or store in refridgerator

Usage instruction:

Eat directly,stir with water to make gac juice. More delicious when drink cool with ice. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian can use

Net weight: 250g/box, 500g/box, 1kg/box

Manufactured by Trilong Co.,Ltd